[bitlug] Hi

  • From: "Santhosh.V" <thecannibal@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: bitlug@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: 11 Mar 2004 13:51:50 -0000

Hi there,
   hope all u guys are doing fine.....well if you are wondering who i am.....my 
name is santhosh.v n i am studying 6 th semester computer science at 
bit,bangalore.........well i hope to enjoy my stay here at bitlug......
  well this mail is mainly meant to pavan and piyush who held talks on linux 
last week at the bit placement cell.....well guys there is a small request from 
the placement cell co-ordinators and students...........saturday afternoon is 
the time that all departments are free .hence they would like group discussions 
and placement tests to be held on saturday afternoons (they supposedly have a 
lot of executives from outside who want to conduct the above stuff)as students 
from all departments would be really benefited by it......hence bit is 
wondering if u guys would be kind enough to shift the talks to be held on the 
os to some other day as people from comp sci and info sci are the ones who 
would form the majority of the crowd.....
pls contact me wrt the above issue.......by mail or phone
    my phone number is 25716607......
       i would also be glad to call piyush or the concerned persons if they 
could give their telephone nos.....

by the way i haven't found a topic for my mini project(6 th sem)....if any body 
would KINDLY suggest a good and tangible topic....pls contact me
         take care n have fun

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