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I received this from a home owner and asked to pass along.

This message is being passed on in the interest of fairness to allow 
both sides of this issue to be heard, only because the opposing view was
 previously passed on in this forum. Please do not ask me to forward 
additional comments on this topic as this is not the appropriate forum 
for political debate. The Birkdale Pointe Board of Directors has 
determined that this email system should be used for information 
directly relating to our subdivision and homeowners which is 
non-political in nature. The Board of Directors holds a neutral 
position regarding the ballot initiative discussed below.

Dear Neighbors,
I wish to present an opposing view and encourage a "No" vote on 
August 3rd with my reasoning as follows.  While I do completely 
sympathize with the falling revenue our local government has 
endured, and the impact this will have on residents and employees who 
may face layoffs, I must say "enough is enough".
Who in this neighborhood or community has not faced downsizing, 
lay-offs, pay cuts or job loss.  Most of us have either experienced this
 devastating loss or we know someone who has.  My family has personally 
faced several downsizing/job loss situations in the last 8 years.  We 
have had to cut our budget and spending by "30%" or more over the past 
few years.  We have not asked our neighbors to pay more so that we could
 continue spending at the rate that we did 8 years ago.  Yet every time 
federal, state, or local government faces budget cuts they ask for more so that 
can continue spending like they did the years before.  Government needs 
to tighten their belts more and suck-it-up like the rest of us have been
To rationalize this increase of revenue by saying that we need to 
look at our lower property taxes as an excuse to add a 2.0 Special 
Assessment District is ludicrous. It makes no difference whether it 
is $10 or $200 per year.  It's the idea that we citizens are continually
 held hostage when there is a budget shortfall.  I find it interesting 
that we always face cuts to the services (schools, teachers, 
firefighters, police) that we all agree are essential, yet no mention is
 ever made to eliminate the bloated administration that exists.  We 
wouldn't be in this situation now if federal, state and local 
governments hadn't continued spending like drunken sailors for the past 
10 years.  We don't have a revenue problem in this country, state or 
community...we have a spending problem.  It will never change unless we 
as citizens stand up and say "NO"!  And giving in this time will be much
 like dealing with a toddler. Once you say yes to bad behavior, you will
 be badgered again and again for more.
To rationalize an increase by comparing our "lowest operating 
millage" so we should gladly pay more is similar to the "full bucket of 
crap/half bucket of crap" analogy.  Neither is pleasant; and big 
spending government needs to realize that we want a financially 
responsible level of spending based on the income that is coming into 
the household.  Much like we all do in our private households.
It's time for citizens to say "enough is enough".  Join me and vote 
"No" for S.A.D. on August 3rd.  It has to start somewhere.
My final thought to quote Margaret Thatcher....."Socialism is great, 
until you run out of someone else's money".  We have now run out of 
someone else's money.
Warm Regards,
Tiffany Koerner
Geralyn Milewski


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