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Geralyn Milewski


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Date: Thursday, July 29, 2010, 11:41 PM

Birkdale Pointe Homeowner’s Association 
Board of Director’s Communiqué 
Hello All: 
Since gaining control of the Association, the Board of Directors has been 
working tirelessly on prioritizing the needs of the subdivision.  Biltmore has 
not been cooperative in providing us with records, financial and/or otherwise, 
nor did they provide us with information regarding the Association bank 
account.  Currently, the Association does not have any money.  In spite of 
this, we are working on getting a bank account, creating a 2011 budget, writing 
the by-laws, obtaining information from the utility companies regarding 
outstanding bills and future start up service, protecting future homeowner’s 
and the Association’s interests from possible liens Biltmore may place on 
homeowners for outstanding
 association dues, as well  many other issues. 

Within the next week, all homeowners will be receiving a letter, via USPS, in 
regards to a Special Association meeting that will be held August 19 at 7:00 pm 
(Richardson Center).  This is a very important meeting which will address the 
financial status of the Association.  This will be a voting meeting regarding a 
special assessment in lieu of 2010 association dues, so please plan on 
attending.  If for some reason, you can not make the meeting, please complete 
the proxy which will be included with the letter.   
Gale McDerment                                              John Deporre 
President                                                          Board Member 
Joe Urell                                                           Howard 
Vice President                                                  Board Member 
Rick Unger                                                       Greg Main 
Treasurer                                                          Board Member 
Geralyn Milewski 
Therese Livermore 
Board Member 
Mark Shoemaker 
Board Member

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