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Was asked to pass this opportunity along. Anyone interested please contact Ken 
Rutz directly.


Geralyn Milewski


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Subject: Fw: Evergreen Tree quote
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HI Bob,

As we talked about a few weeks back, I have three different species of 
evergreens for sale. I have Blue Spruce in the 3-6' range, White Spruce in the 
3-7' range and Norway Spruce in the 3-7' range.  I do have a limited supply of 
8' trees available in all three species.

The price for all the trees is $25 per foot installed.
3' = $75
4' = $100
5' = $125
6' = $150
7' = $175
8' = $200

I guarantee my trees to be healthy and disease free. 
I will stand behind my trees for one year as long as the
homeowner takes proper care.

If desired, we can apply a weed barrier and mulch covering (which we 
recommend).  Price depends on type and quantity of mulch.

Please feel free to call any time.

Ken Rutz
Forever Green Tree Farm


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