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Dear KOS,

Official shorebird migration had ended and it is time to turn in your
shorebird surveys. We will begin monitoring fall migration beginning July
11. If you were conducting a shorebird survey, please send me your results
in the postage paid envelope I provided at the spring KOS meeting. If you
could only do the survey one or two times, that's OK, just send it to me. I
will make copies for myself and send your observations on to Manomet to be
used in region-wide shorebird migration analysis. I hope you enjoyed the
challenges of shorebird identifying. Fall will offer even greater

The ISS (international shorebird survey) asks that surveys be conducted
every 10 days during spring and fall migration. The reason for the 10 day
repetition is because we think that the average stopover is 10 days long. So
if you survey every 10 days, you will theoretically count the majority of
birds using the area. To test this assumption, Dave Krementz (USGS Coop
Unit, University of Arkansas) led a research effort to estimate stopover
length (in days) for Pectoral and Least Sandpipers.  Pectorals were captured
and fitted with radio-transmitters and Leasts were uniquely color marked.
The graduate student has completed field work and is in the analysis and
thesis writing stage. When I learn more about the results of this project, I
will pass this information on to you.

Even if you can not commit to visiting an area every 10 days to document
shorebird use, your surveys are still useful. I have been keeping track of
all of the shorebird observations that came over the list. By documenting
the species of shorebirds that visit KY, I can build a list of birds that
need stop over habitat in KY. I can then address the habitat requirements
that we need to manage for on our WMAs. 

If you would like to get involved with the shorebird surveys for fall
migration, call or email me. If you like to visit an area that is not
consistent shorebird habitat, surveying it is still a good idea. All you
need to do is note that there was no shorebird habitat available during that
10-day window. That information is also very helpful.


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