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Steve and anyone else visiting the area ... remember that you will need a 
Peabody WMA Use Permit for every person in the party ... not just one per 
vehicle. They are available for $12.50 and can be purchased at the Minit Mart 
on US 231 at Exit 75 off the Western Ky Parkway. Also remember that a permit 
purchased in January will only be good thru February 2007. If you pay the 
$12.50, be sure to get a WMA map (if they are out they are not supposed to be).
The best area that folks have been posting about is near the jct. of roads S1 
and S2 in the Sinclair Unit of the Peabody WMA. This is in Muhlenberg County 
south of Central City. You take US 431 south from the Western Ky Parkway 5 or 6 
miles to the traffic light in Drakesboro. Take a left (east) onto KY 176; go 
past the long lake on the right and turn in at the wide concrete pulloff (watch 
for coal trucks Monday thru Friday). Immediately after turning right onto the 
concrete turnoff, bear right onto the gravel WMA road (S1); this winds around 
and up hill then right to take you to a jct at the top of the hill. This is S2. 
If you take S2 to the left there is a wide flat area immediately on the right; 
you can walk to the top of the far rise here and look out over much of the 
area. You can also continue either way on S2 and hit what I call the S3 "loop" 
at either end (you'll turn right onto S3 if you are going east on S2 and left 
onto S3 if you have chosen to go west on S2). Farther east on S2 is also S5 and 
some owls can be seen along here. I do not suggest attempting to walk during 
the day to flush up the roosting owls. This causes undue disturbance. Several 
(5-10) have been coming up by about 4:00 CST each afternoon lately yielding 
good views before dark. Colder, calmer days are best. You can also run into 
some at dawn, but evening is probably best. Mark Bennett counted about 11 
Short-ears from this area yesterday evening on the Paradise CBC. Also, Amy and 
I had at least 4 American Woodcocks calling yesterday morning along S5 but if 
this mild weather continues, you should be able to enjoy performing birds 
anywhere in the area after sunset as well.
bpb, Frankfort


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Can anyone point me toward a good spot at Peabody to see short-eared owls?
I have an atlas and a Peabody WMA map. I'll be coming from the east.
Steve Kistler

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