[birdky] Re: Weirdest spring migration ever????

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We were just up in Northern Ohio -Magee Marsh, Metzger Marsh, Ottawa NWR, etc- 
from Sunday 4/25 to Weds 4/28 and only counted yellow-rumps, palm, a couple of 
yellows, and 1 northern waterthrush as far as warblers go.There were sightings 
of a Blackburnian, prothonotary and black-throated green but that was it. And 
one summer tanager. I know we were early but we really thought we'd see a few 
more than we did! So maybe as you say Brainard, they just aren't here yet, 
'cause they sure weren't up north either! 
Tonight though, I finally saw 2 male rose-breasted grosbeaks at the feeders in 
the yard, heard a hermit thrush this a.m.- maybe more species will be showing 

Jannine M. Baker
Lexington, KY 
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The spring songbird migration has been getting a bit scarey, lately; early May 
and not even some flocks of Yellow-rumps yet. I had just about totally lost 
faith until I heard a Cape May Warbler singing in our yard in Louisville just 
now. I know I've been like everyone else thinking ... OK, maybe on *this* front 
there will be migrants ... I blamed the early spring season's lack of migrants 
on the warm, clear weather that allowed most all the birds to migrate straight 
thru past us. However, the recent unsettled weather would normally have 
resulted in some decent fallouts. Meanwhile, all of the regular nesters seem to 
be arriving, albeit now seveal days later than normal.

Hopefully things will finally get to normal during the next week or so ...

bpb, Louisville
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