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  • From: David Roemer <dlroemer@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 21 Jun 2009 06:28:16 -0700 (PDT)

Almost daily storms in the area have maintained water in the ditch at McElroy 
which has allowed breeding of waterfowl.  There has been a group of male 
Mallards loafing along the ditch so I suspected females were incubating 
somewhere nearby.  On 18 June, 2 or 3 broods of 1/2 to 3/4 grown ducklings were 
present near the culvert.  On 11 June I saw a female Wood Duck there with her 
ducklings that appeared to be from 7-10 days old.  I wondered where she nested 
as there are no large trees very near the ditch and she had to have led her 
brood a good distance to water.

Two American Coots continue at Griffin Park in Bowling Green.

On 18 June I did a hike in the Pennyrile Forest.  Breeding birds were still 
much in evidence by song and most interesting was a group of Henslow's Sparrows 
in a field directly adjacent to the forest.  Other nice birds included 
Broad-winged Hawk, Red-headed Woodpecker, Acadian Flycatcher, the vireos and 
Wood Thrush.  Warblers included Parula, Yellow-throated, Pine, Prairie, 
Prothonotary, Ovenbird, La. Waterthrush, Hooded, and chat.

The butterfly species of the day was Coral Hairstreak with 53 counted, 17 of 
which were nectaring together on a tight cluster of 5 orange milkweed plants.  
The highlight of the day was a White M Hairstreak.

Joanie and I toured western Kentucky on 19 and 20 June with the following 

19 June
Am White Pelican (5)

Scaup (~20  Difficult to see due to wind and heat waves but those I could make 
out by head shape were Lesser)
Ring-billed Gull

Hwy 453:  Eastern Kingbirds have apparently taken over the Scissor-tailed 
Flycatcher pole with one incubating.  

Ring-billed Gull (17)

Still a lot of water in the upper bottoms
Hooded Mergansers
DC Cormorant (~50 at Lake 9)
Great Egrets everywhere
Caspian Tern (Obion/upper bottoms)
Least Tern (at all wet fields with the river high)
Black-necked Stilt (18 scattered in the lower bottoms)

20 June
Caspian Tern

Least Sandpiper (2 first southbound migrants)

Caspian Tern (4)

A group of approximately 15 Little Blue Herons was present near Long Point but 
no Snowy Egrets were seen.  

Snow Goose (5w/ 3 dark morph and 2 light. May be injured but we did see one fly 
when flushed by a vehicle.)
Least Terns

Least Terns were also observed in the fields at Swan Lake.  Bald Eagles, mostly 
immature, were encountered at most stops and Mississippi Kites were everywhere, 
including one over Paducah. 

David Roemer
Bowling Green


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