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  • Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2008 07:25:53 -0700 (PDT)

Yesterday my husband and I decided to use some Roundup
and 2,4 D to attack the bush honeysuckle and wild
garlic growing on our property, before toads and
skinks begin to move around. We have just started to
see both in the last three or four years. I have tried
pulling the garlic and some small honeysuckle, but
last year there seems to have been an explosion of the
wild garlic especially in hard to get at places. Also,
pulling sometimes leaves the roots.

When I got to the back part of the property, I went on
ahead of my husband and was busy looking for and
spraying those plants when a couple of what I thought
were quail flew up from the bottom of an old pond. 

I moved on to a fence row and walked behind some Osage
Orange trees where I had worked last year. More of
what I thought were Bob Whites flew up out of the
brush. I thought they must be roosting there for the
night.  As I began to spray another bush, one more
bird flew up, and I saw her clearly and her nest of 4
brown speckled eggs. It seemed strange to me that a
Quail would be nesting in the brushy area.

I quickly left the area, concerned that they may not
return to the nest and realized that some of the other
birds might have nests too.

I went straight to the house to tell my husband,
"spraying is now out of the question"! As I was
describing what happened he asked if I was sure it
wasn't a Grouse. We had seen what we were pretty sure
was one about two years ago in the fall and thought we
saw another earlier this winter, which was mixed in
with several turkeys, in the same area where I saw the
nest. I had noticed that the bird had a lot of rust
color on it, but for some reason size never entered my
mind.  It was definitely the size of a chicken, plus
Quail eggs are white, and we have found them in the
open grass years ago.

Now my husband wants to go back to check on these
birds but I am very worried they might not come back
to the nest if we do. There was a time several years
ago when I flushed a turkey off a nest of 13 eggs
while walking along a road. She never came back to
that nest.

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