[birdky] RPT:Indiana and Falls of the Ohio Saturday Nov. 1

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  • Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2008 19:31:11 -0500

I joined Jack Still, Katherine Griswold, and Rod Botkins at the Falls of the 
Ohio which turned out to be an all-day event.  Jack and his friend left at 
around 1pm and Rod and I continued on to bird the Loop Island Wetlands until 
4pm.  In the remaining hours of light I found a few more birds.  Species count 
for day was 56, highlights:

Falls of the Ohio, including Clark Historic Home Site Nov. 1, 10:10am-1pm 
Pied-bl. Grebe-1- CHHS
Great Egret-1
Blue-winged Teal-4 flying away never relocated
Black Vulture-30+
Bald Eagle-1 ad. male CHHS and pos. imm. nearly missed that circled back 
towards lower locks
Peregrine Falcon-1 ad. on retainer wall
Least Sandpiper-8+4 in 2 flocks
Ring-billed Gull-5
Herring Gull-2
Bonaparte's Gull-2 1 imm. and ad.
Eastern Bluebird-heard
Horned Lark-5 overhead

American Pipit-calling
Red-winged Blackbird-12 in tree by feeders
Brown-headed Cowbird-calling

Loop Island Wetlands, New Albany riverfront 1:30-3:00pm

Great Egret-1 in wetland pool
Green-winged Teal-25+
Northern Shoveler-15+
Cooper's Hawk-calling
Ruby-crowned Kinglet-2
Golden-crowned Kinglet-calling
Eastern Bluebird-5
Winter Wren-4
Cedar Waxwing-6 traveling with flock of starlings
Yellow-rumped Warbler-2
Eastern Towhee- a pair
White-throated Sparrow-2
Swamp Sparrow-calling

Falls of the Ohio above dam down to the Big Four railroad bridge 3:20-6:00pm

Pied-billed Grebe-1 below dam by wave rock
Horned Grebe-1
Gadwall-20+below retainer wall
Northern Shoveler-8 rw
Lesser Scaup-5 or so bad light with small dabbler probably teal
Double-crested Cormorant- 600+ extremely conservative number a few flocks 
landed on river and flew over en masse at dusk
American Kestrel-1- feeding on unid. bird by wave rock
American Coot-8
Killdeer-50+ on wave rock
Herring Gull-10
Franklin's Gull-1 ad. on river with Herring Gulls- looking for this one for at 
least 6 or 7 years
Hairy Woodpecker-1 by Big Four 

Good Birding,
Michael Autin,
 Louisville, KY

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