[birdky] RPT: West KY March 20-21

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  • Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2007 18:26:22 -0400

I was out in Hopkins and Caldwell counties last couple of days chasing
crawfish frogs. 
March 20: Barn Swallow over Vogue Unit of Peabody WMA.
March 21: Lake Peewee had at least 15 Common Loons, most in immaculate
plumage and small numbers of common waterfowl. I also drove down to
Ballard County in between nocturnal forays for frogs. At Ballard WMA,
there was a decent variety and abundance of dabbling ducks including all
common species; at Mitchell Lake, some presumably uninjured but
lingering geese included at least 2 Greater White-fronteds, 8 Ross's,
and 35-50 Snows. Fish Crows had returned and I had 4 Brewer's Blackbirds
along Smokey Road. On way back to Caldwell County I stopped briefly by
the dams; highlight was an Eared Grebe about 3/4 into breeding plumage
near the shore between the Ky Dam Village beach and the State Park (this
bird was apparently seen by Keith Hawkins this morning in the same
general area). Also present in and around Barkley Dam were a Northern
Rough-winged Swallow, at least 6 Cliff Swallows, and a box full of
Purple Martins. American White Pelicans were seen below Ky Dam, and both
above and below Barkley Dam. I only saw the 3 common gulls and no terns.
Vesper Sparrows were also present at scattered locales in small numbers.
bpb, Frankfort

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