[birdky] RPT: West KY 17-18 Feb 2012, waterfowl/raptors

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Eddie Huber and I visited various points in west KY Fri-Sat. We started off at 
the home of Sara and George Whitfield north of Evansville, IN, where I banded 
an imm. female Rufous Hummingbird that has been present in their yard all 



Audubon Pkwy, Exit 18, Daviess Co.: Nice looks at Janet Howard's beautiful imm. 
Krider's morph Red-tailed Hawk.

Lake Peewee, Madisonville: 4 Common Mergansers among relatively modest numbers 
of common watefowl.

East Volunteer Mine, Hopkins Co.: 1 adult light morph Rough-legged Hawk.

Clear Creek bottoms, Hopkins Co.: both darkish morph Harlan's Red-tailed Hawks 
are there again this winter; at least 2 Le Conte's Sparrows.

Sat. northern ends of Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake

Ky Dam vic: pretty adult male Long-tailed Duck (returning bird from last 
winter?) off Ky Dam Village; 2 White-winged Scoters about 1/2 mile above dam; 
second-year and adult Lesser Black-backed Gulls at Ky Dam Village marina 
(former hanging out around the boat ramp dock); VERY early (or continuing from 
winter???) Osprey flying over west side of lake above dam; lots of distant 
scaup and Common Goldeneye; only common grebes (dozens) and Common Loons (a 

Lake Barkley: above dam there is a very nice assemblage of mixed grebes and 
waterfowl as viewed from various points on eastern shore including 170 
Red-breasted Mergs; 325+ Ruddy Ducks; 375 Horned Grebes, lesser numbers of 
commoner species; VERY large feeding frenzy of Ring-billed Gulls (1500-2000), 
Bonaparte's Gulls (1500+), and American White Pelicans (130) all piled into the 
Poplar Creek embayment (from Buzzard Rock Marina and Poplar Creek boat ramp 
road) ... we could find nothing else but one Herring Gull, but it is an 
impressive bunch of birds; nearly as large a group of waterbirds also at the 
mouth of Demumbers Bay in LBL, but mostly scaup (1000) and 400 Bonies, 500+ 

bpb & ebh
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