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Eddie Huber and I finally had an opportunity to get out and tour some of the 
lingering transient lakes and ponds today. As the middle ten days of June are 
typically the "doldrums" for migratory waterbirds, we figured the day would be 
as much a scouting trip for habitat that might be around in early July as 
anything, but we had quite an enjoyable day. Broods of Canada Geese, Mallards, 
and Wood Ducks were seen at most locales. A rundown of our other findings 

Western Hardin County: where there was water everywhere in early May there are 
now only a few sizable bodies of water remaining; best ponds are visible from 
KY 86 and Black Branch Road ... however, we encountered our only thunderstorms 
of the day while in this area so we didn't see much. Oddest birds were 2 
Double-crested Cormorants in flight over Dranes Lakes. BTW ... Ryan Ankeny 
reported a Common Gallinule on a pond on the west side of KY 1375 north of 
Franklin Crossroads last weekend.

Swallow Spring Pond, Christian County: nice array of summer oddities and 
nesters including 10 Great Blue Herons, 3 Green Herons including one incubating 
on a nest, at least 6 Pied-billed Grebes including one on a nest; 10 American 
Coots; 2 Common Gallinules; male Gadwall.

Morgan Pond vicinity, Christian County: lake is holding pretty high still; 
perhaps has dropped only a foot; this is making it good for nesting; at least 
10-12 Pied-billed Grebes including 2 nests seen with an adult turning eggs on 
one; 1 or 2 Black-necked Stilts, but it/they did not appear to be engaged in 
nesting; 17 American Coots; EIGHT Common Gallinules including what appeared to 
be 3 pairs including one that Eddie caught copulating; 2 Double-crested 
Cormorants; 1 basic Common Loon.

KY 739 Pond, Logan County: no migratory shorebirds; 2 (a pair?) of Black-necked 
Stilts as reported by Frank Lyne from yesterday; the male was doing distraction 
displays and very agitated at our presence, but the female couldn't have cared 
less; I think she realized they had given up trying for a family this year but 
he was still of the mindset that they were still going!; they probably failed 
somewhere in the vicinity and have moved to this pond; the pair of Ring-necked 
Ducks continues.

Chaney Lake, Warren County: just commoners other than a single Pied-billed 
Grebe; level is dropping but not great shorebird habitat.

McElroy Lake, Warren County: has dropped significantly from it's max; if hot, 
dry weather returns, may last only 2.0-2.5 weeks? ... longer if rain continues. 
Lots of Mallards but disappointingly few other ducks; in fact, we managed only 
a single pair of Blue-winged Teal; LOTS of Barn and Tree Swallows, with a few 
Bank, No. Rough-winged, and Purple Martins; 3 Semipalmated Plovers, 8 
White-rumped Sandpipers, 1 Dunlin.

The only other body of water in the southern Warren County vicinity that we 
visited and was still present was Petros Pond; all other spots we drove by were 

bpb & ebh
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