[birdky] RPT: Misc sightings May 15-23 west KY

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I have been in western Kentucky this week sharing Hap Chambers' banding station 
at Clarks River NWR with 6-12 other students of the humbling endeavor of ageing 
and sexing songbirds ... I haven't felt so dumb since I was in college!
During the week there were the following highlights:
18 May on the way down ... I checked on a Lark Sparrow nest I saw being built 
two weeks ago in western Henderson County and found it to have been destroyed 
(at least 2 crushed eggs) the previous day by the planting of a corn crop :o(   
At least a pair was still in the field and I saw them copulating, so hopefully 
a new nest will soon be under construction.  At the Camp #9 coal prep plant 
there was a pair of Black-necked Stilts and a pretty American Avocet.
During the week of bird training at Clarks River, we had the following 
migrants: 1 Yellow-bellied Flycatcher banded with a couple more heard; a few 
Alder Flycatchers heard; 1 female Mourning Warbler banded with a male heard; 1 
Connecticut Warbler heard singing nicely but only glimpses obtained; 
singing/banded Magnolia and Wilson's warblers; singing Canada Warbler. 
On Tuesday evening we went by and saw the Scissor-tailed Flycatchers along KY 
453; the  birds have switched nest building activities back to the original 
utility pole on the east side of the highway.
bpb, Frankfort

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