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I hope my all-capped heading gives a hint at how happy I am right now.
HUGE THANKS to Amy Covert and Kate Heyden who successfully attempted rescue of 
the large injured hawk this morning.  Kate said the bird was in remarkable 
shape considering it had been hit by car 5 days ago.  She suspects it's a 
female as they are much larger than males. (I'm telling ya, it was BIG!)
Amy Covert drove the bird to Jefferson County where Brainard Palmer-Ball 
intercepted the hawk and took it on to Eileen Wicker and the fine rehabbers at 
Raptor Rehab of KY (good people!).
Check the Frankfort State Journal for a story about this story and let's all 
hope the bird has a good prognosis and there is a long-term happy outcome.
Additional thanks to Lori Terry, Anna Kunzler and Debbie Bramlage who all 
assisted with portions of this two-day rescue attempt (and apologies if I 
haven't given due credit for any activities).  All these good-hearted 
nature-lovers deserve a big pat on the back!
Hope you can work your magic, Eileen!

Ceci Mitchell
The Far Side Farm
Franklin County KY
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