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* Kentucky

* Statewide

* December 7, 2005

* KYKY04.04.22

- Birds Mentioned:


Horned Grebe

Greater White-fronted Goose

Ross's Goose

Northern Shoveler


Surf Scoter

Black Scoter


Red-breasted Merganser


Sandhill Crane


Lapland Longspur

Western Meadowlark




- Transcript


Hotline: Kentucky

Sponsor: The Kentucky Ornithological Society,

Date: December 7, 2005

Number: (502) 326-0878

To Report: (502) 326-0878 or smarsh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

Coverage: Kentucky and Southern Indiana

Compiled: 11:00 AM, EDT, December 7, 2005

Transcriber/Compiler: Scott Marsh

E-mail: smarsh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 


This is the Kentucky Bird Line, sponsored by the Kentucky Ornithological
Society.  This update is current as of  December 7, 2005 at 11:00 AM
EDT.  The highlights of this update are:


On this first week in December the bird is Scoters, with 2 SURF SCOTERS
seen at the Falls of the Ohio on the 2nd, a single SURF SCOTER at
Freeman Lake on the 4th, 9 SURF SCOTERS on Lake Cumberland in the
fishing creek area, and 2 SURF SCOTERS and 5 BLACK SCOTERS seen at Wolf
Creek Dam on the 6th. 


Good numbers of other water fowl have been reported also. Some of the
bigger numbers were: 500 WHITE-FRONTED GEESE on the lower Hickman
bottoms along with a WHITE-FRONTED X BLUE CROSS on the 2nd; 350+
REDHEAD, 66 HORNED GREBE, and 55 BUFFLEHEAD, and a male MERLIN in the
fishing creek area of Lake Cumberland on the 5th; and 100 RED-BREASTED
MERGANSER at Barren River Reservoir on the 5th. A few Ross's geese have
also been seen with a few at the lower Hickman bottoms and 1 at Twin
Lakes pond in Somerset. 


SANDHILL CRANES have been observed in a number of places again this
week. 65 were seen in Carlisle on the 2nd, 140 in two flocks in
Frankfort on the 6th,  6 in the Wolf Creek Dam area, and 67 in Somerset
on the 6th. 


100 KILLDEER were counted at Barren River Reservoir. And approximately a
100 LAPLAND LONGSPURS and several WESTERN MEADOWLARKS were totaled at
the lower Hickman bottoms.


Thanks for calling the Kentucky Bird Line.  You may leave a report after
the tone.  Please include your name, the date, the location, and the
time of your observation when filing a report.  If your report contains
rare or out of season species, please send appropriate documentation to



Lee McNeely, Secretary

Post Office Box 463

Burlington, KY  41005


More information about the KBRC and KOS may be found at the KOS web site
at http://www.biology.eku.edu/kos.htm.

- End Transcript


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