[birdky] INFO: More roost rings

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  • Date: Tue, 28 Jul 2009 07:58:50 -0400

This morning the following roost rings were visible on various NWS radar sites; 
this time of year most of these roosts have been shown to consist of primarily 
purple martins; they apparently rise into the air higher than other birds as 
they disperse from roosts. If anyone finds the exact locations of any of these 
roosts, please let me know. Birds could be seen gathering in the area in the 
evening around sunset, or very early as they depart. A few visits to the area 
might be required to in down an exact location.
1) Louisville, apparently just across the river in Clarksville, Indiana not too 
far from downtown. This roost was not noticeable a couple of weeks ago when I 
began looking. Back in the early 1980s, as many as 30,000 Purple Martins used a 
roost in Clarksville.
2) Lexington ... NE side, perhaps even just N of the I-75/I-64 junction.
3) London ... this one did not show up well and is E of I-75 north of Corbin, 
probably right around London.
4) Madisonville ... a small but well defined one, perhaps somewhere on west 
side of town.
5) Eastern Trigg County, very close to I-24 and just west of Christian County.
6) Union/Webster County line, perhaps near Moffitt Lake.
The Glasgow roost did not show up this morning on L'ville radar, and only a 
brief portion of the Campbellsville roost appeared. Also, rain in the southern 
Jackson Purchas did not allow view of what might be going on down that way.
bpb, Louisville

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