[birdky] FOS Pine Siskin

  • From: ppkdrn@xxxxxxx
  • To: birdky@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 18 Oct 2009 09:48:19 -0400

I had my FOS pine siskin at the thistle feeder this morning.  I am sure she 
will be back with lots of her friends!  No white throats or white crowns yet 
although I am almost sure I saw a first year white crown a couple of days ago.  
No juncos yet.  Our white breasted nuthatch showed up on Friday, first I have 
seen it for a while.  The ice storm took out his house last January.  Since 
then we have only seen one, first sighting of them last fall there were two.

No Ruby Throat yesterday but I was not able to observe the feeder quite as much 
as usual although I tried to be here as dusk was approaching but didn't see any.

Paula Geihs

Nelson county

Those with faith need no explanation. For those without faith no explanation is 

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