[birdky] Count week birds

  • From: "Lyneart" <lyneart@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 28 Dec 2009 05:28:02 -0600

    For the first day of Olmstead count week I began noting the birds on my 
place and some adjoining grain fields. Like Mark, I too just saw the usual mix, 
but I couldn't tell that any birds I saw seemed woeful about being commonplace. 
The shrike may have been a little woeful, since it is missing its mate.
    In grain fields adjoining my farm I saw most of our usual grain field birds 
- horned larks, pipits, lapland longspurs, killdeer, starlings, doves, and a 
flicker. Didn't see any icterids. 
    On my place - savannah sparrows, white-crowned, white-throated, & song 
sparrows, meadowlarks and other regulars. 
    A harrier coursed over my clover field and a phoebe hunted water bugs by 
the pond.
Frank Lyne frank@xxxxxxxxxxx near Dot in Logan County

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