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  • From: Tom Hickcox <cometkazie1@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 06 Aug 2011 13:48:48 -0400

At 12:29 8/6/2011, Lyneart wrote:

>While in the shop this morning cleaning rust off tobacco knives with 
>a drill mounted wire brush, a Cicada Killer Wasp kept buzzing all 
>around me. I assumed I had set something over its hole and returned 
>everything I could remember moving back to its original spot. I 
>didn't notice a hole while doing this, but it seemed to satisfy the 
>wasp, which then went on its merry way. A little while later it 
>returned with a Cicada and carried it down a hole under a table. I 
>noticed a similar hole in a different location and wondered if it 
>had two holes. A while later a black wasp almost as big as the 
>Cicada Killer came in carrying a Katydid, went in the other hole and 
>pulled the katydid down behind it. I'm thinking this could count as 
>a bird post since both wasps were nearly as big as hummingbirds.
>Frank Lyne

Any idea what these two species of wasps are?

Tom Hickcox
newly moved to Danville, Ky

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