[birdky] Campbell Co. Peregrines

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  • Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2006 11:57:08 EST

It was a rather fortunate coincidence that I happened to browse through the  
latest issue of the Kentucky Warbler right before going out to census the  
Northern Kentucky sliver of the Cincinnati CBC (December 30). The account for  
Peregrine Falcon mentions a 2006 nest (with nestling seen) located on the  
bridge in Fort Thomas, that was discovered due to expanded monitoring by  the 
KY Dept. of Fish and Wildlife. Consequently I stopped by and scoped out the  
bridge (which is within my count portion) and sure enough there was a 
Peregrine  Falcon perched and preening itself at the very peak of the middle of 
bridge  structure. Upon my return in the afternoon I spied two Peregrines  
(presumably the pair) perched in perfect symmetry, both facing outward like  a 
of book ends, on two peaks of the bridge. I did have a Peregrine on the  
nearby Ft. Thomas pumping station on a CBC several years ago, so it may be that 
there has been a pair in the vicinity for some time.
    If they continue to be present, it should  be easy to observe the 
Peregrines from the wide gravel pull-offs on either  side of KY 8 (the Mary 
Highway) north and south of the I-275 bridge (the  river bends due north at 
point). Due to the distance involved a scope  would probably be required for 
a good view. 
The other highlight of my count day was finding a Red-headed Woodpecker  near 
the Ohio River along Lincoln Ave in Melbourne, KY. I have checked this  
wooded area on quite a few occasions and have never found them there  before, 
although there is a small population a bit farther south in Campbell Co.  at A. 
Jolly Park.
Frank Renfrow
Bellevue, KY

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