[birdky] Re: BKY: Scott Weidensaul at Beckham Bird Club's March Dinner Meeting

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Let me offer this recommendation (as someone who has also been honored to be a 
speaker at BBC and KOS meetings in the past):

_Living on the Wind_ is The Best Book I Have Ever Read.  Period.  And I have 
read a lot of books.  If you care about birds and the environment and don't 
read it, shame on you.  I read one passage on a plane that nearly had me in 
tears (which, if you know me, should tell you something).  The opening 
paragraphs of his chapter on Dauphin Island are positively brilliant; one of 
the best prose passages I've ever found.  So go read it.  Right now.  I'm not 
kidding.  I'll even make it easy on you:


Ghost with Trembling Wings is great too, as is Return to Wild America.  Scott 
is the best natural history writer of this generation, hands down, and one of 
the best of all time, in my opinion (and when I say all time, I'm going back at 
least to Pliny the Elder).

I have also had the pleasure of hearing Scott speak before and having dinner 
and a few beers with him.  You will all thoroughly enjoy having him there; I 
may make the trip myself just for that reason.  Don't miss it.

Chris Sloan
Nashville, TN

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> Scott Weidensaul. who has earned a reputation as a dynamic speaker on 
> environmental topics, and maintains an active speaking schedule across the 
> country 
> ranging from universities to nature centers and museums, will be the speaker 
> at 
> the March dinner meeting of Beckham Bird Club. He will speak on migration 
> based on his book, Living on the Wind. Weidensaul has written more than two 
> dozen 
> books on natural history, including his widely acclaimed Living on the Wind: 
> Across the Hemisphere with Migratory Birds, which was one of three finalists 
> for the Pulitzer Prize for general nonfiction. Other recent titles include 
> The 
> Ghost with Trembling Wings: Science, Wishful Thinking and the Search for Lost 
> Species, about the search for animals that may or may not be extinct, and his 
> most recent work, Return to Wild America: A Yearlong Search for the 
> Continent's Natural Soul, an ambitious journey to take the pulse of America's 
> wildlife 
> and wild lands. Weidensaul's writings have appeared in dozens of 
> publications, 
> including Smithsonian, the New York Times, Nature Conservancy, National 
> Wildlife and Audubon, among many others. He lectures widely on conservation 
> and 
> nature. In addition to writing about wildlife, Weidensaul is an active field 
> reseacher whose work focuses on bird migration. 
> Beckham Bird Club is extending an invitation to fellow birders to join us on 
> March 13 at our dinner meeting. Details and a reservation form can be found 
> at our web site beckhambirdclub.org. Click on newsletter at the top of the 
> page 
> and then click on Febraury newsletter. If you have any questions please 
> contact me. 
> Pat Bell 
> Louisville 
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