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  • Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2005 19:50:32 -0800

Appal Energy wrote:
> Does anyone have an idea as to when 100% Biodiesel achieved notariety 
> as a
> "blend?"
> B-1 through B-99.9 are blends, not B-100.
> Whoever wrote that letter needs to redress that error if it's not 
> already sent. If a credit is being
> sought for biodiesel, great. If it's being sought for blends, great. But
> they're two separate animals and should be treated as precisely that.
> It's a bit like calling a blend of 30% fruit concentrate and 70% corn 
> syrup
> "juice."  It's not, nor will it ever be.
> Todd Swearingen

Some of reasons it makes sense in this instance are as follows (some of 
these are my own interpretation some came from the draftees of the 

1) The standard test for blending gives you a number with an error 
margin of 1% so B99 is between B98 & B100, B100 could be B99 or B101 :^).
2) ASTM-D675 is for biodiesel as a "blended stock", this could possibly 
have caused confusion in the creating of the legislation.
3) Enforcement is much more complicated if you have to make sure that 
petro was actually blended with bio and what if you're running B99 and 
the test says you're running B100 do they reject your application for 
the tax rebate?  So what this group is saying is that
4) Biodiesel should get a level playing field with petrodiesel no matter 
how it's used
5) The cost of verifying that someone is actually blending is worth the 
value as the vast majority of the BD sold is blended at or below B20 and 
the Jobs Creation act talks about blending.
6) We should not enact laws that will be invalidated by technology the 
specifics of biodiesel usage which are dependent on engine technology, 
which will change.

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