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**Big Bang Robotics News - March 10, 2003**
We are just back from BattleBeach in Ormond Beach and
it was a great tournament.  Our middleweight robot
survived into the quarterfinals before being
eliminated.  We had some good matches, though we were
plagued by a mysterious electrical/noise problem that
caused the drive system to go dead at random
intervals.  This odd problem only occurred in the
arena - we couldn't reliably duplicate it in the pits.
 Some problems only manifest under full power up
conditions, so troubleshooting this problem will force
us to finally build the secure test platform we've
been planning for a while.  I suspect that the weapon
motor circuit is generating RF noise that is causing
the ESC that controls the drive motors to go into
"safety" mode.  These machines are so complex that
making one little change can lead to a series of other
unforseen consequences...

On the positive side, the new 1" diameter titanium
shafts and matching Trantorque keyless bushings
holding our disks on held up quite well to repeated
impacts and our new stronger front strut design,
welded by yours truly, took some big impacts without
bending.  The competition in the middleweight class
was fearsome, with no "junk bots" and every competitor
having a real shot at the big win.  Probably the
biggest news in our class was that T-Minus, a powerful
flipping bot from Inertia Labs that might have been
expected to win it all, was totally dominated by a
spinning-drum bot in the first round and was so
damaged that he had to forfeit his remaining fights. 
The drum bot, "Aneurysm", went on to win the
middleweight class.

For now it is back to the laboratory to do some
troubleshooting.  We are looking at the schedule of
events to determine where we will go next, so stay
Jay and Valerie
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