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  • From: Jay Johnson <tallyjay@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 30 May 2003 17:29:38 -0700 (PDT)

May 2003 has come and gone...so what has Big Bang
Robotics been up to?

We've been rebuilding and repairing from our outings
earlier this spring at Robocide and BattleBeach.  We
made it into the quarterfinals at BattleBeach, but it
was a rocky ride.  We finally traced our intermittent
drive problem at BattleBeach down to radio noise
moving through wiring too close to our electronics
(ESC) and have rerouted the wiring to prevent this
problem in the future.  

We  melted a couple of battery packs at our last event
(those things get HOT!) so we've also recently stocked
up on replacement parts.  NICAD battery packs and
drive motors were purchased from Steve Judd, Tentacle
Robotics(http://tentacle.architeuthis-dux.com/), who
is retiring his heavyweight "Silverback" and selling
his surplus parts.  

The biggest change in the bot this year is a redesign
of the power system for the drive train.  At the next
event we'll be running our drive system at 36 volts
instead of 24, so the bot will be 50% faster!

Speaking of events it looks like our next competition
will be at "Robot Assault" in North Carolina in
August.  This is being billed as a "North vs. South"
event and we expect to see a lot of veteran
competitors there.  When event details are released
we'll pass them along - we hope some of you can

No newsletter would be complete without thanking our
sponsor Fenner Drives (www.fennerdrives.com) for being
a big part of our team in 2003!  If you need power
transmission parts be sure to check out their website!

Have a great June!
Jay and Valerie

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