[biblitfonts] New Greek characters in Unicode 4.0

  • From: John Hudson <tiro@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: BibLit <biblitfonts@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2003 18:39:39 -0700

The new version 4.0 of the Unicode Standard includes five new Greek characters, which I believe it will be worthwhile adding to the SBL Greek character set (with smallcap variants as appropriate). Information about the encoding of these new characters is available at


Note that this is a beta document, but the five new characters have been officially accepted and encoded as shown.

I would appreciate any comments you may have regarding the use and form of these characters. I suspect they may be relevant only for classical texts, rather than koine, but since SBL's publications have included classical texts (e.g. Philostratus' _Heroikos_) I think we should include in the SBL font everything that Unicode encodes. I am particularly interested to know if Gerry has any comments on typographic options for these characters.

Regards, John

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As for the technique of trimming the nib,
Do not be greedy!
I will not reveal its nuances; I withhold its secrets.
                  - Ibn al-Bawwab, Ra'iyyah

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