[BettieBrigade] Bettie Brigade - READ THIS!

  • From: Jess Lundie <lundie.jess@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: bettiebrigade@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2011 11:53:49 -0700

Hi all - a few important updates for this weekend:

Saturday practice time is now officially changed.  Saturday practices will
be 9-11AM from now on.

This Sunday, Team Starbucks will be coming to scrimmage with the travel
team.  Please wear a RED shirt to practice.  Anyone not in red will have to
wear one of the jerseys (bleh).  If you can help bring Starbucks skaters
onto post, please text Jess 619-971-1280 to find out when/where to meet on
Sunday morning. * Everyone* is *highly encouraged* to attend this
scrimmage.  It is a fantastic opportunity and will be an excellent learning

We have a bunch of flyering and ticket sale events going on this weekend.
Please try to help out with at least one of them!  Details for the events
are on the forum and/or Facebook.  If you are planning on helping with
any/all of these, please contact Pain so that she can get a headcount and
make her life easier organizing - 360.918.2079

October 1st – Lewis PX Flyering 11:30-2:30PM Details

October 2nd – Lewis PX/McChord BX Flyering 11:30-2:30PM  Details

Also, we are headed into October and October dues are due (har har).  Please
turn in your October dues to a coach.

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