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  • From: Jess Lundie <lundie.jess@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 7 Dec 2011 09:17:59 -0800

Hi everyone!

Hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving.  I know we're in off-season and
heading into the holidays, but wanted to keep everyone updated on what is
in the works so that people can be involved.  Even though we're not
actively working towards preparing for a specific bout, now is the time to
get ready so we can rock the 2012 season!


We are working on putting together procedures, task lists and
communications binders for all of the committees.  Jess In The Box will be
connecting the dots on this one.  However, she would REALLY like help.  If
you're willing to help with this project or have any relevant information
in your files from any committee from last season, please get in touch with
her.  lundie.jess@xxxxxxxxx or 619-971-1280.

Our away bout committee is working on setting up our bout schedule for next
season.  Confirmed so far, we have:

March 2, 3, and 4th -- Wild West Showdown - Bremerton (AWAY)
September 15th -- Rainier Roller Girls (HOME)
October 20th -- Rodeo City (HOME)

We are still working on securing a team for our home bout in February and
may have another away bout opportunity in March.  In the meantime, mark
these on your calendars!

Unfortunately, Buster Fuzz has decided to retire from derby and will not be
joining us for the 2012 season.

We are looking for three large Rubbermaid-ish containers with lids to use
for bout and event kits.  If you have an extra one lying around your house
that you no longer need, please consider bringing it in!


We will be having an all-league + juniors holiday party on December 22nd
from 6-9PM at the rink.  It will be a sock exchange, pot-luck and session
skate.  Bring a wrapped pair of socks and something tasty to share.
(Please label junior socks separately!)


Is anyone willing to host or organize a potluck/party the first weekend in
January?  Shoot Jess an email - lundie.jess@xxxxxxxxx


The next skills test will be January 7th.  This skills test will determine
eligibility to roster for the February home bout.

The off-season is an especially good time for you all to come to the other
practice days.  There tend to be fewer skaters at off-season practices, so
this is a great time to get that little bit of extra help from coaches and
veteran skaters.


We have been told by the rink that they will be open every day this holiday
season except for actual day-of holidays (however, sometimes this changes
last minute).  Therefore our practice schedule will be the same throughout
December except for:

December 24th - No Practice
December 25th - No Practice
December 31st - No Practice
January 1st - No Practice


As was mentioned in our last league meeting, attendance is going to be a
big part of being rostered to bout next season.  We will start tracking
attendance beginning in January.

In the meantime, there are many different ways to use your off-season
time.  This is a good time to take a break if you need one OR to ramp up
extra hard to be ready for next season.  Smaller practices make it easier
for coaches to focus on what you want to learn as a skater.  Don't hesitate
to ask us if there is something specific you'd like to work on - we can
definitely build that into our practices.

This is also a good time to heal injuries and focus on cross-training.
Remember, just because you're injured doesn't mean you have to stay off
skates or out of the gym.  Train in a way that accommodates your injury and
strengthens the rest of your body to support you.  As always, if you're
injured and working on getting something healed, let us know and we can
find ways to work with you at practice!

See you all at the rink :)

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