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Hi all:

I have three week-ends committed so far - two camping and one wedding.  I'll 
get a calander and submit that.  I was hoping to hear some outcome from the 
last meeting.

I spent a week in New York for a qigong retreat two weeks ago.  It  was eye 
opening for me to say the least. There were 41 of us and the people were 
unbelievably nice.  There was one guy that never wears shoes - even in the 
winter and always has beads around his neck and carried a huge cloth bag.  
Apparently, he is the only American ever approved to arrange the lotus pedals 
by the Tibetan Monks.  I'm not sure I know what that means, but it was 
interesting to listen to him.  The hotel we stayed at was dilapidated with 
water continuously pouring from the ceiling onto the floor in the hallways and 
many rooms - even when not raining!!!  They were closing it down the week-end 
after we left - I think perhaps permanently.  It was a shame because you could 
see how this place was awesome 50 years ago.   Jean has been pretty busy with 
her new CPA business, mostly helping people get out of trouble with the IRS.   
She is doing some amazing stuff.

I've been trying to fit walks in at the park as much often as I can.  We used 
to do this together, but Jean is working over a lot.  I'm finding the solitude 
of walking along somewhat cleansing - it forces me to talk to myself with no 
radio or conversation in the background.

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  Hi Everyone,

  There has been very little activity of late & I'd like to hear from everyone 
on the list as to "where they are" with regard to getting together for a 
meeting before Fall.  Paul has done some looking around out in the Wooster 
area, but not much else going on. 

  Beth & I are in the middle of dealing with a family situation that will 
probably result in our purchase of the house we currently occupy, so our 
attention is on dealing with that right now - whatever resolution takes place 
has to be completed by October.

  Other than that, it's going to be a busy summer for us, with many weekends 
already committed.

  So, how is everyone else doing?


  On May 25, 2009, at 10:09 PM, Kim Cooper wrote:


    I'm interested if any outcomes came out of the meeting.  I wish we could 
have attended.  I ended up working all night Friday, all day Saturday and most 
of  Sunday and All day today (Memorial).  It has been very stressful as a lot 
of the work was because I made a significant error (in my opinion).

    We could not have had better weather, for those of you who got outside!



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