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Subject: RE: Hello Betterway Farm and Ecovillage (Northeast Ohio)

Good Day Kip!
Now it is my turn to a apologize for the delay in replying. I have had some serious computer problems. Like replacing my hard drive! ouch!!!

Marlin and I are actually living in NE Indiana ( in the SE corner of Steuben County) but Marlin drives truck and delivers in the Wooster area. He has often said how beautiful it is and would like to take me there.

We have been interested in intentional living all of our lives. We just didn't know where to look!

Marlin was raised on a dairy farm and worked in that field (no pun intended ) for the first part of our married life. I have gardened for almost all of our married life. May 15th we will be married 32 years! No it is not a fairy tale. A lot of those were REALLY hard years.

A little more about us. We were young when we got married and one of the stories you don't want to tell your teenager, because we made it. I was 16 and Marlin was 19. At this point in our lives our three children are grown and we play with our grandchildren a lot. I am 48 and Marlin is 51. We are both young enough to be able to work hard but old enough to know how to work smart . We have tried co-housing with all of our grown children. It didn't work. Something happens to an adult child when they move back "home". They turn into that rebellious adolescent again.

When our children were small I learned to garden and can from his family and every book I could get my hands on, on the subjects. We grew, canned, made or froze 99% of our food. We preserved everything from the standard vegetables to our meat, soups, sauces, jams and jellies to the medicinal herbs we used. We have raised goats for milk and milk products, chickens for eggs and meat along with pigs, cows and rabbits. We would love to have a pond big enough to raise our own fish.

We were young and poor and I was a stay at home mom so I also sewed a majority of our clothes. No we are not Amish. But Marlin does have an Amish heritage.

Currently we have a couple young apple, peach, and crabapple trees. We have a productive strawberry patch and a nice grape arbor. We also harvest black raspberries and gather elder berries for some of the best jams you have ever tasted! Another tradition is to cook apple butter in the fall.

I sell herbs, perennials, jams and jellies during the growing season at a local farmers markets. We own 1.6 acres of land. Our goal is to have very little grass to mow. Each year we turn a bit more of that grass into growing areas for plants or trees.

We have a great deal established and started here but need more land. The farmer we purchased our 100 year old home from is not willing to sell any more of his ground. We have been looking for more land and to re-locate. We no longer use the entire upper floor of our home except for storage. It would make a nice apartment if converted.

I feel like I have written a book. I hope you are not bored! As I said we are VERY interested in intentional living. Our goal is to be as self sufficient as possible. Wind power and bio diesel are both of great interest to us. We need more land and are willing to re-locate if at all feasible.

We would love to get together with you and Beth. Marlin has Saturday, Sunday and Monday off. I am currently at home again. Our weekend schedule is usually filled with spring prep and home repairs but we would love to talk more with you and I would love to see the Wooster area. Us coming there on the weekend would be fun.

Let us know what you are thinking about a get-together.

Brenda and Marlin

> From: kipandbeth@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: Re: Hello Betterway Farm and Ecovillage (Northeast Ohio)
> Date: Sun, 19 Apr 2009 18:37:27 -0400
> To: bkbontrager@xxxxxxxx
> Dear Brenda & Marlin,
> Thank you very much for getting in touch. We were out of town for a
> few days, so my apologies for not replying immediately.
> Betterway Farm is still in the planning stages, with a group of
> 'core' members meeting regularly to keep that process moving
> forward. Based on our progress over the past few months, I am
> hopeful that we are at the point where we will be transitioning from
> preliminary planning and 'envisioning' to nuts and bolts issues soon.
> At this point, I am the only person with serious agricultural
> 'credentials', although we have a couple of 'eager amateurs' in the
> group as well, so I would be personally very interested in meeting
> and hearing more about your backgrounds, interests, and aspirations.
> Your e-mail did not specify where you currently live, but if you are
> anywhere nearby, a get together would be nice. Otherwise, I'd be
> happy to get in touch by phone almost anytime. I have spent a lot of
> time over the past 5-10 years defining a personal vision of what a
> sustainable, diversified farm would look like, and as a group we've
> had some discussion of how that would integrate with an intentional
> community. That will be one of the 'nuts and bolts' issues in need
> of further development & I would personally value the input of people
> who've also had some agricultural experience.
> Please let me know the best way to get in touch with you, or if you
> prefer, feel free to call us at your convenience. Our phone # is
> 330-494-1775.
> Oh, BTW, Beth & I currently live in North Canton, OH, and the other
> members of the core group are scattered around the region, with some
> actually living in the Wooster area.
> Hope to here from you!
> Kip Gardner
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> > We are very interested community living and at a place in our live
> > where we are ready to move. We would love to visit/talk to you.
> > Marlin has a Dairy backgroung and I am an avid gardener, raising
> > herbs and perennials at this time.
> > Hope to hear from you soon
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