[betterwayfarm] Everyone's status/future of Betterway

  • From: "paul w. woodring" <pww57@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Betterway Farm <betterwayfarm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 30 Sep 2009 10:59:12 -0400

Hi to All;

I recently put out a message asking if there was any interest in a meeting for 
September.   I received no response, nada, nothing.  Outside of a couple of 
responses saying they were not available for a Summer meeting, I have not heard 
from any of the core group since Memorial Day, except Kip and Beth.  

I really would like to know from those who had been regularly involved in 
planning for a community if you are still interested in forming a community in 
the Wooster area?  I realize that this has never been an easy proposition, 
nothing worthwhile ever is.  For those like me, who see this as a way to cope 
with a looming economic and environmental crisis, there is a degree of urgency 
involved in trying to acquire land before something like hyper-inflation hits 
and seriously erodes the value of our cash resources.  

I realize the recession has made for difficult times for many.  Despite what 
the official cheerleaders for the economic status quo are saying about a return 
to good times being at hand, I think we are headed for the edge of the cliff, 
and those in-charge just don't want everyone to panic until they are secure in 
their gated communities with all of OUR money.  It is therefore critical that 
planning continue to form a viable, sustainable community to weather the coming 

So, please let me know who, if anyone is still in for developing the Betterway 
concept to fruition.  I'd like to see us meet in October if anything is going 
to happen.  Thanks.


Paul Woodring

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