[beta_sa] Corrections

  • From: "Dr. Paul Toumazos" <toumazos@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001 23:19:56 +0930

Rob, hi

There seems to be a problem with the default font in the area where we place
Text (The font is v.v.v. small and we need to change it all the time).

Additionally, I have created a Subfolder (ActivData) and Saved the file
"Activities.htm" As "Activ1.htm" in it. I then Hyperlinked this file to text
("Click Here") in the Index and Activity pages. When I copied the text from
Word into this file, the text appeared to be overlapping and loosing its
format. Also, once clicking the Hyperlink and opens the Activ1.htm file, if
we click "Home" on the side menu, it returns an error "The page cannot be
found". I checked the link and it seemed to be Ok, but I don't know why it
was returning that error.

We would be grateful  if you could have a look at these minor issues

Rob, is this the best way of creating a new file and hyperlinking to a text.
If not, could you suggest a way of Creating a file (htm) where Data is
placed from eg. a Word document and a Hyperlink can then be directed from
Text link in the existing "main pages"?

Kind regards

PS. Rob, we have just sent a message via the Discussion page, prompting
others to do the same for further testing our discussion page. Let me know
if you received it.

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one more test to welcome beta memebers to the beta discussion group and
encourage them to make a post- it's as simple as clicking omn the 'Post
a message' link at the top of this screen and then filling out your
message in the email form that appears.....go for it BETA members!

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