[beoscommunity] [ANN] BeSquired 2.0.2 Upgrade!

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  • Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 19:43:19 -0400

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Without further ado, upgrade to BeSquired 2.0.2 by DokWare...

New and improved, ready for public consumption! And yes, we have been 
listening to our users and the others who downloaded who could not get 
the application to play (we heard the bitching). Well guess what, we 
tweaked a script and sprinkled in a little code....... and HPFM!!! Go 
get those videos or mp3's that you have on your file server/LAN, grab 
the information from the machines on the universities servers of your 
school or just put your public data onto a local share. Whatever. Do it 
with BeSquired 2.0.2!

In addition to the features that you couldn't look at or try cause you 
couldn't get it to work *grin*, we've fixed a script problem not 
allowing login to secure shares (D'oh). The annoying resize problem with 
the Volumes window is gone, as well as, the afore mentioned 
username/password security oversight that some user's systems were 
complaining about. New features? Next release folks, there's already 
quite a few in the pipe under development...

There are still 3 different types of download files (as we continue that 
practice) to choose from, so go now, run I say, to our BeBits page for 
BeSquired at http://www.bebits.com/app/1885 and get the latest version 
(2.0.2). We know you'll be happy that you did...

As always, we certainly hope you find it useful. And also a very BIG, 
BIG thanx to both Zach Dykstra and Guillaume Cocatre-Zilgien for their 
feedback and assistance (your feature requests are in the pipe for the 
next release too)! The 'Obsession' that has grown from a mere 'itch'...

We listen and welcome your feature requests! And get in there and VOTE, 
too!!! Thanx in advance...

The Doktor

"The Ultimate Windows Service Pack - BeOS R5!"

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