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Here is a summary of what we need to do for the Bento Openbox project.

* List of tasks : We have to create packages, a bento-openbox session, and an
Control Center, meant to ease the use of the end users with the details of the
session preferences. We also need to create documentation for the end users.

* Packaging : As for now I said I would do some packaging, but I don't know
when yet,
Bryce said he is interested to learn how to make deb packages while creating
some. I can
help find the right docs and IRC chans where confirmed packagers can provide us

This will be the right time as soon as I will have pushed all the files from
the tree
directory to gitlab. (Coming soon… )

* Programming: WarloG said he is interested in creating the Openbox Control

We have two ways of going forward on this project:
- either cut all existing apps into pieces and or rewrite them all in one unique
programming language to make it uniform. Then each time one application is
ready, add it
to a general GUI.

- Or we can do the exact opposite to gain time and see the result faster : have
a GUI, and
from there call all the applications which are in use in a Bento Openbox branded

This is the method we have retained.

- I got up with an idea a pair of days ago, which involves reusing a program
made out of
Python and Glade, which has few depends and already looks like a control
center. This is
the HandyLinux menu GUI. Here is what it looks like:

more pics on this page:

and here are the sources (thanks to the forum members who pointed me in the
direction for an eventual reuse of the code):

the git (I don't know how to find the handy menu there):

WarlocG : I asked you on the forum if you would be interested to start on this
basis. You
can answer there or here, as you wish.

I haven't worked on a mind map yet. If you agree on reusing the code of the
I could propose to do a graphical mockup instead?

* bento-openbox session : I started studying how to do that. I'll take the
Desktop distribution from Unit193 as model, because it's one of the best I've
seen so far:

I'll also have again a look at the /usr/bin/lubuntu-session script from the
project, to compare it with the method used by Unit193.

This part should be worked on at same time as the creation of packages for the
Bento OB

The structure of the packages in Unit193's distro setup can also be used as
models for
some of our own packages. dpkg-repack is my friend : I have made them packages
from the files installed in the distribution.
For some of the files included manually in Bento OB so far, we will have to
figure out
how to treat them. The details are to be discussed later among packagers.

* Documentation:
Abhijit, if you want to start with that part, it's the one which lacks very
badly. An end
user will have to ask how he can change the background, setup the different
fonts, not to
talk about the panels controls, install packages etc.

Is this task ok with you? You can use any tool you want for that task, the
preferred to
start with would be the wiki or the linuxvillage.org/en website where you can
get an
account, so we can join efforts, and have them available for translations.

What do you think?

## Next todo list:
* Tweak some default configuration with compton to replace
* Create packages for the sh files which are in the /usr/local/bin directory.
* Find people interested to work on the Ubuntu Builder tool to make it better.
- there is a change to be done in order to be able to list the packages which
should be
removed at the end of install time;
* find how to get a pool directory and uefi directory in the ISO: this is
missing in Bento
Openbox, due to it using Ubuntu Mini Remix which does not come with them.

Each and everyone can pick up any task. When you do, please let us know on the
list, if
you need info/help, just ask.

Best regards,



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