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Yes, you should all get them. :P

As for time periods, as you may or may not know there are 9 or so novels
about the black company -- I strongly believe, for about 293879234 reasons,
we are best off focusing on a time period that takes place during the first
3, the original trilogy (and probably the best).
This means during the time the bc is in 'the north', during:
Black Company
Shadows Linger
White Rose.

Who has read what? Does everyone want to read the first 3 before I send out
spoilers about what time period, and why, I think we might focus on? I can't
keep up with where everyone is in the reading, I know two of you at least
have started the second...beyond that my memory sucks ;)

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>   woops :)  There was a bit of a problem with the voting
> daemon, apparently.  The First Age didn't win, The Black
> Company won.  So Draug can handle the list of periods thing,
> since he knows a bit more about it then me. :P
> Also, I've got all of the BC books in .txt format if anyone
> wants them.  They are formatted /really/ badly though, so
> if any of you want me to, I'll see if I can get them in
> another format.  I think I saw them in .rtf, .lit (ms reader)
> and .pdf.  I'm sure Draug would recommend that you get them. ;)
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