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Theme preference:

1) The Black Company novels, by Glen Cook
2) The Black Company novels, by Glen Cook
47) Arda, First Age
48) Something we make up.
49) Lord of the Rings

I wish I could convince you all of the merits of my first 46 choices.
However, I happen
to be confident that none of you have read the books. You should. They are
times 4 billion, and as much as I love Tolkien if I had to I'd drop him in a
mintue if I
only got to read one series of books from now until the end of time :p

The Black Company can be researched a bit on the web for a synopsis of their
plots, I suggest simply going to amazon.com (or equivalent) and reading the
for each of the Black Company novels. They are set in a time much like
Tolkien (Cook has
obvious Tolkien influences)  although the 'elves and dwarves' aspect doesn't

At the very least, because I don't expect much support in this, I hope you
will at
least get a copy of the first book and read...perhaps by the time this is
all over you'll go
"Holy shit, Kevin was right!" :p

ps: The 'Croaker' legend and the Black domain from T2T are from these books.

Draugluin/Kevin/Master of All.


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> IMnsvhO, I think we need to do some work on the theme
> before we make any concrete plans in regards to the mudlib.
> This is simply because much of what we do with the mudlib
> is going to heavily depend on the world we are trying to
> create.  As far as I can see, these are our basic options:
> 1)  Based upon the lord of the rings, either loosely or
> stricly
> 2)  Based upon First Age Arda, again either loosely or
> strictly
> 3)  Based on some other premade theme (ie, rjordan, ursula k
> leguin, brooks)
> 4)  A homemade theme.
>   Each of these has there own subset of options, but this is
> a good start.  Once we've decided on the base, we can narrow
> it down from there.
>   I'd /really really/ appreciate if you'd mail your
> preference.  If you need to, just order them from most
> preferred to least preferred.  You can change your vote, so
> please feel free to try swaying everyone to your point of
> view. :)
>   I'll be counting them like this, your most preferred will
>   get 4 points, second most will get 3, third will get 2,
>   first will get 1.  highest wins :p
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