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Ok=2E - No Problem=2E
I'll figure out how to make that happen=2E
I'll need you to tell me who get access to the repeater code directory and=20=
for how long=2E

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Gary, I still would like dues paying people only to be able to get to the
codes=2E I know we don't ask for due that often but the people that have
stayed around are the people that support us=2E And Those are the people that
should get the codes and not someone who just asked to get to the page=2E

Glenn McKeehan-WE8N
Radio Support Manager
Warren County Telecom

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Great Question JR:
The web site is available by invitation only so we can control who has

The information is restricted to be view only by members of the group who
have accepted and signed on the web site=2E

INTRANETS=2ECOM claim they do not sell this information or make it available=2E

J=2ER=2E ABSHEAR writes:

> gary in was just wondering, how secure is the information that we
> have put into our personal profiles on the web site=2E
> is this information only viewable by members or can just anyone on
> the web look at it=2E

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