• From: "Gary Estes" <gestes@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <bears@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2001 22:31:03 -0400

You are receiving this e-mail beacuse your on the BEARS Mailing list.
To send Mail to this list, just address your e-mail to bears@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The people listed below are on this list.
If you know of anyone missing or changes in e-mail addresses, please let me

If you do NOT wish to be on this list then contact WE8N at

As you know we have a link to a repeater in Cincinnati. This is currently
called Link 1.
We are setting the controller to turn on/off Link 1 via Scheduler.

Please provide input. 28 Days before Hamvention, We would like to have a get
together before then.

Gary Estes


Estes, Gary KC8HWL <gestes@xxxxxxxxxx>
McKeehan, Glenn WE8N <we8n@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Estes, Angie KC8QAJ <aestes@xxxxxxxxxx>
McClain, Terry KC8KDG <mcclaint@xxxxxxxxxx>
Kindell, Paul WB8ZVL <pkindell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Abshear, JR N8QDR <abshear@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Bowman, Mike KA8IIM <kaiim@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Miller, John N8RTW <millerj@xxxxxxxxxx>
Crouch, Wendell WE8O <wbc@xxxxxxxxxx>
Reynolds, Kevin KA8STM <ka8stm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Williams, John KC8CCC <jwilly@xxxxxxx>
Hodges, Tim K8TH <tlhodges@xxxxxxxxxx>
McIntosh, Dewey WQ8W <deweymc@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Konicki, Blaise N8BSK <fireball@xxxxxxxx>
Baker, Jesse NV8X <nv8x@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Schieman, Bruce N8NQG <schieman@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
McWhorter, Melissa KC8LBK <kc8lbk@xxxxxxxxxx>
Williams, David KS8OSF <david977@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Kramer, Steve KB8DPG <Stevejk3@xxxxxxx>

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