[BEARS] 2000 Dec 25: Partial Solar Eclipse

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Graphic of the Event

2000 Dec 25: Partial Solar Eclipse
The final eclipse of the Second Millennium is a partial solar eclipse on
Christmas day. Fortunately, the event will be well placed for observers
throughout most of North America (Figure 7). First and last penumbral
contacts occur at 15:26:37 UT and 19:43:12 UT, respectively.

Greatest eclipse 1 occurs at 17:34:51 UT with a maximum eclipse magnitude
of 0.7231 from Baffin Island. Most of North America will witness the event
with the exception of northwestern Canada and Alaska. 

A detailed map (Figure 8) can be used for estimating eclipse magnitudes and
Universal Time of maximum eclipse for locations throughout the continent.
Local circumstances (in Universal Time) for a number of cities are given in
Table 4. Sun's altitude and azimuth, the eclipse magnitude and obscuration
are all given at the instant of maximum eclipse.

This event is the fifty-seventh eclipse of Saros series 122. The last
central eclipse of the series was annular and occurred in 1874. The series
ends with a partial eclipse in 2235.

An animation shows the motion of the Moon's shadow across Earth's surface
(courtesy of Dr. Andrew Sinclair). 

1The instant of greatest eclipse occurs when the distance between the
Moon's shadow axis and Earth's geocenter reaches a minimum. Although
greatest eclipse differs slightly from the instants of greatest magnitude
and greatest duration (for total eclipses), the differences are usually
quite small. 

2Minimum distance of the Moon's shadow axis from Earth's center in units of
equatorial Earth radii. 

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