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Ying Long
Beijing Institute of City Planning
Beijing City Lab


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> 2015 Workshop on Urban Planning and Management, Kanazawa (Feb. 27th – 
> Mar. 1st, 2015)
> http://urbaneastasia.jimdo.com/spsd-workshops/workshop-2015/
> Sustainable Residential Areas
> As cities strive to be adaptable to population change, climate change 
> and the pressures of modernisation and globalisation, creating 
> sustainable residential areas is key to providing liveable environments 
> for inhabitants.  Sustainable residential areas provide housing for 
> happy and healthy residents, prosperous social and cultural environments,
> and ensure a productive and motivated workforce for local economies.  
> In addition, as inhabitants become more diverse and hold their planners 
> accountable for their living environments, their participation in 
> planning is an important topic.  This year’s workshop will focus on the 
> aspects of urban planning that create sustainable living areas for city 
> residents over the long term, and also that encourage and accommodate 
> the participation of residents in the urban planning of their cities.
> Information
> Dates:               Welcome Dinner – Friday February 27th 2015
> Workshop and Dinner – Saturday February 28th 2015
> Kanazawa City Excursion – Sunday March 1st 2015
> Location:           Kanazawa University Satellite Plaza, Kanazawa City, 
> Ishikawa, Japan
> Registration for the workshop closes October 10th 2014
> Submission deadline for abstracts and papers is December 19th 2014
> This year, the workshop will be part of the review process for paper 
> submissions to a special workshop issue of the International Review for 
> Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development journal, 2015.  Authors 
> will receive feedback on their papers and presentations and successful 
> applicants will have their papers published in the IRSPSD special issue.
> https://www.jstage.jst.go.jp/browse/irspsd
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