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  My wife Susan has always considered the Bobalink to be my birthday bird 
because it has shown up here in the 80's and 90's on my birthday. Well, I got a 
great birthday gift on my birthday (today) when I saw 2 beautiful male 
bobalinks singing in the top of the cherry tree in our backyard. They flew over 
to the powerline and gave me some great looks and were last seen flying over to 
my neighbor, Ed Bailey's house. Another birthday surprise came when I took a 
walk through the back pasture and spied on the edge of the property, 2 pink 
ladyslippers. I did not realize that we had those so near and they are in full 
bloom and gorgous. The hummingbirds are sucking down the feed, as my mom, dad 
and brother ate dinner with us we watched 12 at a time drinking and fighting. 
Ha, sounds like a western! Altogether, at least 40 species of birds identified 
on the property this evening. Among the highlights were; 8 different warblers, 
(bluewing, common yellowthroat, wormeating, hooded, northern parula, yellow 
rumpted, yellow and ovenbird) Rose breasted grosbeaks, scarlett tanager, 
eastern kingbird, greatcrested flycatcher, swamp sparrow and white throated 
sparrow. Happy birthday to me!! Dave Raines

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