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  • Date: Mon, 01 Jul 2002 15:35:53 -0700

I finished the game a few days ago and decided to start making "Lybryn" 
which is the land in my stories.  I finished off the detailing of one city, 
Stragan, and one of it's merchant shops, when I hit the old "you need to 
learn scripting to continue" issue ;)  Since it's been a couple years since 
I programed last, I searched around.  I remember someone saying they would 
like to make a place and have the PCs sit in chairs.


I found this link on the BioWare boards and it has around 19 different 
scripts posted, including how to make a PC sit in a chair and if you go back 
to the main board, there is another section on how to make a easily make a 
merchant.  I haven't tried them yet, but will try a couple tonight.  When I 
am happy with Stragan, I'll send it out for input.  I think I might have to 
make everything into one module if I want to make it so you can be anywhere 
when logged into the dedicated server.

I'll probably make templates of all the common scripts I notice, so I won't 
have to retype or copy them over.  If I do, I'll post some of them for the 
scripters out there. :)


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