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    Hunter Zhhao, BG7KLG is now active from Shenzhen, China. Node 3374. 
Shenzhen, a city of 10.5 million people. Hunter has moved the node from 
Michaels office W7RAT - to Hunter's own QTH.  The long term plan is to build a 
dedicated repeater in Shenzhen for IRLP. With over 300 active hams in the area, 
activity should build up quickly.

    Webin, who is professionally involved in 2 - way radio is also interested 
in building a new node in Zhuhai, a nearby city in Guangdong Province.

    Frank Luan, a long time friend of Michaels is working on a node for 
Tianjin, a large city in North China, about a 2 hour drive from Beijing.  
Frank, an electrical engineer, is not presently licensed but will be shortly.
    In the meantime an IRLP board, cable, software etc are o there way to 
Tianjin. With luck Franck will be on the air within 30 days. Frank speaks 
English, including colloquial English very well. Frank lives on the 16th floor 
of a 16 floor apartment building so his simplex node will do a good job of 
covering Tianjin.

    Michael says wouldn't it be great to use IRLP to report the 2008 Beijing 
Olympics. I'm also envisioning having a Chinese - language channel on one of 
the reflectors so that Chinese cities can link there.

    On a different note....Michael is seriously thinking of putting the Middle 
East, namely Israel on the IRLP map.
    His daughter, Jeramie, KB7PIP will be staying there for about a year and 
she will try and find some Israel hams who might be interested in IRLP.


      Sources: VK3JBO Graham...VK3KXW Roly

                            BASS AMATEUR RADIO IRLP GROUP NODE 6391


    World ham population ratios
    The ratio of hams to the number of people in France is 2,495 people for 
every one ham radio operator. In the USA, that ratio is a lot better at 434:1. 
What a huge difference.

    But this USA number is nowhere near as close to that of Japan at 94:1. Math 
here is 127,333,000 population versus 1,350,120 hams. 

    Germany has a ratio of 1,044:1, while the UK is lower at 954:1. Spain is at 
662:1 while Italy is almost three times this at 1,889:1. Brazil is 5,744:1 
while Argentina is at 1,140:1. Canada has a ratio of 696:1, while Australia is 
at 825:1.

    Two big numbers really stood out in digging these numbers up on the 
Internet. Russia is at 3783:1 India is at 70,000:1, with about 15,000 ham 
operators with a population of 1,080,264,000.

    Source: Radio Bulgaria/ www.southgatearc.org 


    First 50 MHz licences in Hungary
    Three experimental radio licences were issued to three amateur radio 
organizations permitting restricted amateur radio usage of the 50 MHz band for 
the first time in Hungary. 65 stations will participate.

    The licence is valid for a period of 30 days starting August 1, 2005. The 
aim of the experiment is to study whether amateur radio usage of the 50 MHz 
band on a secondary basis causes interference in the reception of broadcasting 

    The frequency range permitted for the experiment is 50.0500 - 50.5000 MHz, 
and the licence is valid for all operating modes, including FM and digital 
modes, like - as an example - PSK. Maximum effective radiated power, ERP, 
however is limited to 5 watts.

    Source:  www.southgatearc.org 


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