[baisl] budgeting clarification problems

  • From: Daina Dickman <daina.dickman@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: baisl@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2015 13:02:22 -0700

I am in my second year as the librarian at my school, so this is the first
time I have had to handle our ILS renewal.  Last year I checked with both
the head of lower school (my supervisor last year) and the technology
director and was told the ILS came from the technology budget.  That was
how I planned my budget for this year.  Today I was told that the money
needs to come from the library budget.  It is a pretty substantial amount,
almost 8% of my annual budget that I had planned to spend on books (I am
doing a massive updating of our very aged non-fiction books).  An
unpleasant surprise, especially so late in the school year.

I have tried multiple times to get clarification from my administration on
what the "library budget" covers.  I purchased a large storytime carpet
last year, but it did not come out of my budget, but then when I tried to
get a display shelving unit I was told it needed to come from the library
budget.  I just want a straight answer so things can be planned out!  The
answers I get tend to change later on.  Our entire business office has
turned over since I began and we have a new technology director this year.

Can I ask what direction other librarians receive with regards to
budgeting?  Do you have suggestions on what sort of questions I should be
asking to get clear answers?  My prior budgeting experience was in public
and academic libraries and I am at a loss for how to handle this situation.

Thank you as always for your help BAISL!


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