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*Thanks to Brian Thomas for taking the minutes!*

BAISL Winter Meeting Minutes

Host: Alexa Stoneman

Dave Perry, President

St. Vincent-St. Patrick High School

Jan. 27, 2015

Business Meeting

I.               Welcome

II.             Old Business

a.     Treasurer’s Report (Nancy)

                                               i.     Aprox. $12,100 in the
BAISL account with aprox. $1,300 in membership dues that can only be
transferred $500/mo. from Paypal

b.     Bylaws Committee Update and Discussion Spending & Membership
(Rachel, Mark, Susanne, Judy, Lissa, Carolyn)

c.     From their meeting in December:  “The Bylaws Committee is charged
with ensuring that the bylaws are followed and that when we make changes
they are carefully constructed and evaluated to ensure longevity of the
changes.”   Three original members of the Bylaws Committee and writers of
the original bylaws have departed from the committee and have been replaced
by three new members.

d.     They will be meeting again before the Spring Meeting, to discuss the
formation of a budget committee and the membership issue in order to make a

Comments on the Bylaws Committee Report:

If there are changes to bylaws the changes must be posted 10 days before
the meeting in which a vote is taken.  It’s important that there is
transparency and discussion about bylaws changes.  The discussion is more
important than having the vote in May.

Question to the Bylaws Committee: In the May 2014 meeting there were
discussions about spending to be voted on in September. Why is this not
being put forth?   The committee thought that because BAISL is growing and
has much more money than it has had, it was proposed that a budget
committee be formed to be responsible for spending.

*The Bylaws Committee agreed to post information on both the budget
committee proposal and the membership recommendation on the listserv well
in advance of the 10 days before the Spring Meeting. *

Lauri made the point that a bylaws committee should ideally be around 10
people for an organization our size and encouraged members to join the
committee if interested.

Question to the Bylaws Committee: What is the function of the Bylaws
Committee?  Often the Bylaws Committee would get general guidance from the
whole group and then create a bylaw based on that.  Is the Bylaws Committee
carrying out the wishes of the organization or are they leading the
creation of the ideas?

According to Robert’s Rules of Order, bylaws committees are ad hoc
committees.  They are appointed when there is a perceived need for a change
in the bylaws, not necessarily a standing committee.  Ours is a standing
committee and there is no need to change that, but it is interesting to
note what Robert’s Rules say.  All of our committees are to serve the
larger membership. Happenings in the larger membership spur committees into
action.  The committee serves as a smaller group so that it is easier to
handle which then comes back with recommendations.

Options for the function of the Bylaws Committee:

1.     It is a standing committee that makes recommendations [current

2.     It is an ad hoc committee that is only generated when there is a need

3.     There is no Bylaws Committee and all decisions are made by the
larger group

Mark noted that the Bylaws Committee is responding to a need and is
fashioning language for its recommendation but that it takes time.

Is there a general feeling that the Bylaws Committee should continue in the
way that it has been functioning or should it change to one of the other
two options?

Amendment of the bylaws and even the language of the bylaws need not go to
committee.  There is nothing in our bylaws or RRO that says bylaws must be
written by the Bylaws Committee.  If we prefer it to take that direction
then we should solidify that.  As it stands, any member may write an
amendment to the bylaws and give it to the bylaws committee.  The existence
of the committee doesn’t assume that the bylaw must originate in the

It was noted that the hard work that happens in the Bylaws Committee is
crafting the language of an amendment to the bylaws that is clear and can
stand the test of time.

It was also noted that an argument for the Bylaws Committee to be a
standing committee is that we need a group of members familiar enough with
the bylaws to know if the organization has strayed from its own bylaws.

One concern about having the Bylaws Committee be an ad hoc committee would
be that it might only be formed by like minded members according to their
interests and not be representative of the larger membership.

*The Bylaws Committee will meet in February and then post the
recommendations to the listserv and BAISL website forum. *

Lauri reemphasized that a bylaws committee needs more people to be
representative of an organization our size and encouraged members to join
the committee.  Contact Rachel, Mark, Susanne, Judy, Lissa, or Carolyn if
you are interested.

Point of clarification: There has been some tough talk about the membership
debate and the point was made that this needs to be brought to conclusion.
What are the next steps in this process?

The Bylaws Committee will meet in February and post to the listserv and
BAISL website forum and will have specific language 10 business days in
advance of the Spring meeting to vote on.

*If you have ideas about membership you can post to the forum or you can
email the Bylaws Committee communicating your opinion.  Also cc Lauri
and/or Sarah.*

Everyone should have as much time as possible to see the proposal before we

Will only members who come to the Spring Meeting in SF be able to vote, or
will members also vote virtually?

We need 25% of our membership to make a quorum to be able to pass an
amendment to the bylaws.  The specific language of the change must be
posted 10 business days in advance.  If 25% of the membership is present at
the Spring Meeting the vote will be held at the meeting.  If the vote is
postponed to the middle of June we run the danger of missing member votes
due to vacation.

Sarah reminded new members that if they wanted to get up to speed on the
membership debate they could check the “Discussion: Broadening BAISL
Membership Parameters” on the BAISL website forum.

III.           New Business

a.     Nominating Committee (Lauri)

Nominating Committee is formed by a member of the council of the past
presidents, a member of the general membership, and one of the officers.
We will be electing a new vice president in our May meeting.  Lauri has
asked Nancy Shaw, Helen Huber, and Judy Scudder to serve on the nominating

b.     Awards and Grants (Robin and Renee)

New Grant opportunity: You may apply for an ALA conference grant of $400, a
Relevant Research grant of $300 or a grant for both for $600.  Or you can
still apply for the traditional $1000 general grant.  Multiple grants will
be given out.  Officers are not excluded from applying for grants.

If you apply for the ALA or Relevant Research grants, you can now get a
check up-front and then submit receipts after the event if you don’t have
the up-front money to spend.

c.     Consortium Committee (Alexa)

The information on the Consortium Committee forum is current.
Turn-it-in.com is still unwilling to give a consortium discount without
centralized billing.  Oxford University Press is also unwilling to give a
consortium discount.  All of our other vendors have given us really good
offers and are looking to pull in customers.  If you have interest in
testing out a product, email Alexa and she will coordinate with the vendor.

Helen asked whether anyone was using Visual Thesaurus.  Sarah had in the
past but wasn’t currently.  No one else responded.

d.     The Oversight Committee (Sarah [standing member], Paul, Mary, Brian,
Trevor, Kerry) is charged with the cyclical review of BAISL’s mission
statement and bylaws, charged with meeting programming, and brain trust of
BAISL’s historical programs.

The committee has created a Google Doc reviewing past meetings and
submitted a survey to members for programming ideas.

If you are interested in working on the Oversight Committee send Sarah an

e.     Research Relevance (Tasha & Jole)

Research Relevance is a two-day conference at Castilleja School in the
summer. How is Research Relevance different than ALA?

1.     Research Relevance is focused on a very specific topic: Research
Instruction for 21st Century Learners

2.     It is an experience that is participatory and engaging for
conference goers.

The link is: Castilleja.org/researchrelevance. There is a discounted rate
for BAISL members.  When you register you can select that you are a BAISL
member and the code is BAISL.  The regular rate is $275 and the BAISL rate
is $250 for the first ten BAISL members who sign up.  Register soon,
registration is expected to fill in the next 2-3 weeks.

f.      Duplicates in the back!

Save the Date BAISL Spring Meeting: Tuesday, May 5, 2014 hosted by Jason
Stone at SF Friends School

Annette Counts, MA, MLIS
Bishop O'Dowd High School
9500 Stearns Avenue
Oakland, CA  94605
(510) 577-9100 x151

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