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Hi Melissa,

We host a 24 hour read-a-thon.  We ended up canceling this year but we are 
looking to continue in a modified form again next year.  We schedule the event 
on a holiday weekend.  Students sign up as teams ahead of time and bring in a 
permission slip that their parents have signed stating that it is ok that they 
spend the night.  Students also collect pledges that go to the particular 
charity that we select for the year.

We get parent volunteers and alumni to staff shifts of the 24 hour period 
(usually more like 18 hours).  One of the two players must be reading at all 
times.  Players are disqualified if they stop reading or fall asleep :)

I can give you more details off list

Brian Thomas
Director of Library Media Services
Saint Mary’s College High School

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Subject: [baisl] Summer Read-A-Thon

Hello all -

We will be hosting a Read-A-Thon this summer. One resource available is 

- Has anyone used 
 to host the event?
- Has your school hosted a Read-A-Thon?
- If so, how was the event organized?

Any feed back is appreciated!


Melissa Mendiola
San Francisco Day School

(415) 568-3672

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