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Hi {FIRST_NAME} - Want to let you know about the Kickstarter campaign for
our new project. Anything you can do to help is much appreciated. Thank you!

*[image: FFA-Card-photo] <http://kck.st/Zq79Of>[image: FFA-Card-Words]Check
out our Kickstarter campaign and share with library lovers!*

As you may know, we’re making a movie about public libraries. *Free for
All: Inside the Public Library* <http://free4allfilms.org/> will be a
ride through the most unlikely of places: the public library, where
America's diversity streams indoors - and serendipity and democracy happen.
  *What is Kickstarter?*
Kickstarter is a popular way to fund creative projects online. Donations
are collected using a secure online crowd-funding platform. People can
donate any amount, and, together, they help bring a project to life. The
trick with Kickstarter is that it's all or nothing - meaning that we only
get funded if we reach our goal. That's why we need your help to spread the
word to as many library supporters as possible.
*Please help us complete filming for this important documentary by donating
now to our Kickstarter campaign <http://kck.st/Zq79Of>.* Your support now
is critical, because it will allow us to keep filming, ensuring that we can
complete the documentary soon - while critical decisions about the future
of our libraries are being debated in communities around the country.

You can *visit our Kickstarter page here * <http://kck.st/Zq79Of>to learn
more. Any amount you donate is very much appreciated. (And check out the
very cool rewards you get in return!) The deadline to reach our goal is
October 26th.

We also urgently need your help reaching as many people as possible, so
please forward this email to your friends, co-workers, congregation
members, and other fellow library lovers. Please also let your local
librarian and library trustees/board members know about the project!

Thanks for your support,

Dawn Logsdon, Director/Producer
Lucie Faulknor, Producer

*P.S. Pledge early because some of our exclusive rewards are limited!P.P.S.
Here's a sample tweet you can send out to help us: *
Join me in supporting FREE FOR ALL, a new film about public libraries
http://kck.st/Zq79Of @freeforalltweet

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Warren W. Wright |  韋懷人
School Library Media Specialist
Chinese American International School | www.cais.org

*P* *Help reduce our impact.*

*Don't print this e-mail unless it's really necessary.*

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