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I just sent the questions below as a Survey Monkey to my faculty. They may be 
more basic than your average library survey, as I’m building a library this 
year where there has really not been (a functional) one before.

Riva Pollard
Charles Armstrong School


1. How often do YOU use the Armstrong Library's ONLINE resources for teaching 
or curriculum planning? (Whipple Hill page: PebbleGo, WorldBook, Grolier GO!, 
TrueFlix, online catalog)
I've never looked at them
I've looked and nothing is relevant to my curriculum
Once per quarter
One to a few times per month
Constantly; I cannot stop using these resources all the time
Optional comments/ clarifications:

2. How often do your STUDENTS use the Armstrong Library's ONLINE resources for 
classwork or personal use? (Whipple Hill page: PebbleGo, WorldBook, Grolier GO! 
TrueFlix, online catalog)
Never, that I know of
Once or twice this year
Once per quarter
A few times per month
Constantly; I can't get my students to stop using these resources
Optional comments/ clarificaitons

3. How often do YOU check out books or audiobook CDs from the Armstrong Library?
Never- The Library doesn't have what I need
Never- I don't have time to check if there's anything relevant in the Library
Once per quarter
Once or a few times per month
All the time
Optional comments/ clarifications:

4. How often do your STUDENTS check out books from the Armstrong Library for 
personal or school use?
I don't know/ never that I have noticed.
Once per quarter
One to a few times per month
Optional comments/ clarifications

5. How helpful is the Armstrong Librarian in providing curriculum support, 
research project support, booktalks, and readers' advisory to you and your 
I don't know; I don't interact with the Librarian
Somewhat helpful
Very helpful
Not helpful; inaccessible or unable to provide support needed
I don't require the support of a Librarian in the course of my teaching
Optional comments/ clarifications

6. As pertains to your curriculum and students, where would you like to see 
Armstrong Library services and program grow moving forward? Check all that 
Additional print resources supporting curriculum, at student reading level
Additional print resources for student leisure reading
Print resources for teachers, supporting professional development
Additional subscription databases (similar to PebbleGo, TrueFlix, Grolier GO!) 
for student use to support curriculum
eBook and eAudiobook collections for student/ faculty checkout to 
Compact Disc audiobook collection
Increased teaming/support from Librarian on classroom lessons, research project 
planning, and independent reading assignments
Which of the above is most appealing to you? (write in)

7. Have you received parent feedback about Armstrong Library resources?
Yes, positive
Yes, negative (please comment below)
Yes, positive and negative (please comment below)
Optional comments/ clarifications:

8. Is there anything else you'd like to share about your current experience 
with the Armstrong Library and its resources, or your dreams for the future of 
Armstrong Library services? (write in)

Riva Pollard
Charles Armstrong School
1405 Solana Dr.
Belmont, CA 94002
650-592-7570 x230
Unleashing the Power of the Dyslexic Mind Since 1968.

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I was wondering if anyone has end of year surveys they send to their faculty?  
I would love to see what kinds of questions people ask for feedback.

Thank you,
Daina Dickman

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