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Sorry for your lose.. 

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Date: Saturday, March 19, 2011, 9:42 AM

Hey Folks,
I have been very busy with Family matters. About 4 weeks go my Father in Law 
started getting ill with what turned out to be small cell lymphoma (lung 
Cancer). He is an 89 year old WW2 carrier Vet ( USS Wasp CV-18).Electrician's 
Mate - 2nd Class - he took care of the gun firing systems when not in battle 
and was in the gunners nest throwing brass over board when in battle - he has 
worn 2 hearing aids for as long as I have known him.
Decorated with American Theatre - 2 stars, Asian Theatre-7 stars, good Conduct 
Metal, Purple heart (injured when Jap sub torpedoed ship) and several other 
decorations. He became very ill , very fast , getting pneumonia on top of the 
Cancer. He passed away Tues , 3/9 of multiple complications.
He was laid to rest last Weds. at Wisc. Memorial Cemetery with full Naval 
Military Honors. May he R.I.P. . . .
He fought the village of Fox Point several times on issues that he used his 
extensive knowledge of the Constitution and Bill of Rights to justify his 
stance with, and won . . . the judge saying he obviously new more about the 
Constitution than the village DA. . .
He was a firm believer that there was, and should be, a revolution coming to 
America. He kept an AK47 and several pistols at the ready, always. A week 
before he became ill he was at Badger with myself and a couple of my military 
friends shoot'in it up. . . and he was a Hell of a shot !
He will be deeply missed.
I hope we all can stand up for that which he fought, and to his last breath was 
willing to Die for . . . 

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Subject: [badgerstatevolunteers] Re: What's uuuuup!!!!
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Date: Fri, March 18, 2011 8:19 pm
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Awesome bro" quitin' is tough, hang in there....5 pushups? really? with a full 
pack on? I bet thats pretty funny lookin....LOL

On Fri, Mar 18, 2011 at 8:13 PM, Shawn Wilkerson <tatz1977@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Nothin , been smoke free 7 days now . hoping to kick it on its arssss . full 
pack on 5 pushups so far .... next

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Subject: [badgerstatevolunteers] What's uuuuup!!!!
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Have not heard from Sandman or MGK for a while....whats goin on guys??????Hope 
all is well. X, did you get my e-mails? Did you grab any deals on poncho 
liners? Spike man, how many push ups are you at with a full pack? Saiah & 
Wonder Woman, are y'all ready for sundays "invasion"? Kaje, did that stove we 
talked about arrive? Who's all coming to the meeting???? Should we plan 
lunch?...Sorry, here in the cave tonite, kind of bored, anyone out there??? 
Whats up Sdub? Boy Scout, have you talked to your grandpa?


freeman lomax


freeman lomax


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