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What no fancy gadegets or things that are dangerous were is the fun in that.  I 
guess we coulg go low tech and take the fire option.  lol

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dont turn away from fire its cheap but one of best ways to purifi ....... 

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Wow, sounds good....this is the one tool that I recomend to not be cheap 
on.....water is life!!!! 

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This is a lot of money but check out everything it does. 13,000 gal, 97% of all 
radio activity wow. How confident would you be on a SHTF hike out? The 
replacement cartridge is high too but if one had the money it would be nice to 
have. For $500 one could have safe water for what 2 or 3 years. I will get this 
in the future. 
For now I have my eye on the Katadyn Combi Microfilter. Again a little pricey 
$180 but I get the field cleanable ceramic .2 micron filter that last 13,000 
gal w/replacement cost $180 and the optional activated carbon filter for 
chemicals w/ replacement cartridge only $30. I think chemicals are a real 
problem in most populated areas, and certainly will be after the SHTF hike out. 
What do you all think? 


freeman lomax 

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